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Colgate Wisp Peppermint Mini-Brush On The Go Toothbrush w/ Freshening Bead 48 ct

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Product Description :

Each order is for a pack of 48 Wisps Brushes (12 X 4-Packs)

Skip the H20.
Brush on the Go.

Want fresh breath before a date? Desperate to get that coffee taste out of your mouth? Whatever your fresh breath emergency, Colgate Wisp Mini-Brushes are your go-to when you're on the go. It freshens and whitens by removing surface stains. And get this, you don't need water and you never have to rinse. Just keep a stash in your purse or at your desk and get ready to show off your bright smile. It promises to remove food and plaque from your teeth, giving you a just brushed clean feeling. When you brush, a liquid-filled bead will release a burst of freshness in your mouth and is used without the need for water or rinsing. The Wisp is designed to use on the go, available anytime you need breath freshening. Enjoy minty goodness on-the-go with the Colgate Wisp Portable Mini-Brush Toothbrush. Freshen up anywhere, anytime with a total of 48 handy brushes of ingenious single-use toothbrushes in a delicious Peppermint flavor. There are four brushes in each pack with a built-in freshening bead at one end, as well as a handy soft toothpick at the other, to keep you smiling with uninhibited glee through meetings, dates and dentist appointments.

Specifications :


  • Unlike most breath fresheners, the Wisp removes the plaque and food from your teeth while considerably improving your breath at the same time. You are essentially brushing your teeth when you use the Wisp, so if you are someone that only brushes once a day, using the Wisp is a simple way to sneak a quick brush into your busy schedule
  • The Wisp is compact enough for you to carry on the go, just as you would a package of gum.
  • The Wisp possesses the features necessary to remove plaque and food and improve your breath.
  • The Wisp is not intended to replace brushing and flossing your teeth with an ADA recommended toothbrush and toothpaste, but if you are looking for an effective way to freshen your breath longer than it takes a piece of gum to lose its flavor, the Wisp will do the trick.
  • Flavor: Peppermint
  • Small and discreet enough to fit in a purse or pocket
  • Freshen up anywhere, anytime
  • 12 packs with 4 brushes in each
  • Each (single) order is for a total of 48 Brushes
  • Product Expiration Date: March 2016
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